How do I get involved?

If you or a family member has a brain abnormality we would like to invite you to participate in our research project. To get involved please contact our clinical genetics team who will be happy to discuss your family’s participation.

What does participation involve?

Participation will involve our team accessing your/your family members’ medical information relating to the brain abnormality e.g. information on its diagnosis. It would also involve our team obtaining a DNA sample initially from the affected individual. If such a sample already exists and is accessible to us, then participation will involve you/your family member signing some consent forms after reading our information leaflets.

If such a sample is not available, then once a consent form has been signed, it will involve taking a blood sample (in the same way your doctor takes a blood sample) or taking a sample of cells from the mouth using a small soft brush. If a change in the DNA is found then we will ask other family members to submit DNA samples.