The Team

Scientific Team

Dr David Keays

Dr David Keays

Dr Keays graduated from the University of Queensland, Australia, where he completed a bachelor of science in molecular biology and a bachelor of laws. This was followed by an Honours degree in neuroscience at the University of Melbourne where he worked on neurotoxins from cone shells. Following a stint as a criminal prosecutor he returned to science, where he completed his doctorate at the University of Oxford under Professor Flint. During his doctorate Dr Keays discovered that mutations in tubulin cause cortical malformations in humans. Dr Keays is current a Group Leader at the Institute of Molecular Pathology in Vienna, and continues to investigate genes that cause neurodevelopmental disorders.


Dr Alistair Pagnamenta

Dr Pagnamenta studied Natural Sciences at Trinity College Cambridge, specialising in Genetics.  Postgraduate studies at Edinburgh University and UCL were interspersed by two years working for Amersham Biosciences.  Since 2007 Alistair has been based at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics, initially focussing on the genetics underlying autism susceptibility with Professor Anthony Monaco & part of the Autism Genome Project.  In 2010 Alistair joined the Oxford Biomedical Research Centre and has been involved with a wide variety of research studies, including the Oxford Brain Malformations project and the “WGS500” whole genome sequencing study.

The Clinical Genetics Team

Dr Usha Kini
Dr Kini is a Consultant Clinical Geneticist working at the Regional Genetics Department, The Churchill Hospital, Oxford. She graduated in Medicine from Bangalore University, India. She then trained in General Medicine and Paediatrics in the UK and was awarded the Membership of the Royal College of Physicians. Following this, she was appointed as a Clinical Research Fellow in Genetics and went on to complete her MD at the University of Manchester on ‘The Physical, Developmental and Neuropsychological Morbidity in Children Born to Mothers with Epilepsy’. She completed her training in Clinical Genetics at the Academic Unit of Medical Genetics in Manchester. She has a special interest in Fetal valproate syndrome, as well as birth defects, specifically orofacial clefting and brain malformations. She also holds the position of Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer in Clinical Genetics at the University of Oxford.

Dr Helen Stewart
Dr Stewart graduated in Medicine from the University of Wales College of Medicine. She became a member of the Royal College of Physicians and worked as a paedeatrician in Cardiff, Birmingam and Leicester. She trained in Clinical Genetics in Manchester, and has since become a consultant clinical geneticist in Oxford in 2001. Many of her patients have learning and developmental difficulties and structural brain abnormalities. She provides a clinical service for these patients and their families.